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Additive Manufacturing Machine


Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a complex world full of hype, nuance and misconceptions.

If you need reliable advice on material selection, process development, generative design, production & post-processing let us help you to find your path.

Take your first steps


Do you need a functional prototype or short-series production run of parts which meet your engineering specifications? 

At APWORKS we translate your requirements into an end-to-end process including all post-processes needed to deliver the parts you need, at the quality you deserve.

Deliver Quality Fast
Electric Motorcycle


Do you see the potential of AM in your products, but struggle to implement effectively due to the gap in understanding between design and production? 

At APWORKS we have built a unique team with all the skills needed to help make your vision a reality, from concept design to engineering and production.

Achieve your Potential
Custom Bicycle Frame


One size doesn't fit all. 

With consumers seeking more individually tailored products there have never been more options to choose from.

But options means inventory... and why force your customer to choose from discrete options when you can tailor your product precisely to their needs? 

Make Custom Standard
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APWORKS achieves EN9100 re-certification

Materials Testing

APWORKS has successfully passed the EN9100 re-certification audit by DEKRA in the scope of Design and Production of metallic products by additive manufacturing. This re-confirms our commitment to quality in all aspects of our business.

Why don't you give your customers what they want?


Customisation as Standard

Our Genome platform enables us to develop customisable products with automated workflows, giving your customers tailored solutions and an intuitive specification and ordering interface.


We don't just offer a fancy marketing interface - we develop the full end-to-end system to deliver your product to your customers on time and on quality.

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