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Additive Manufacturing for

High-Performance Applications

At APWORKS, we leverage our expertise in the aerospace industry to offer state-of-the-art additive manufacturing services for high-performance and critical applications. Our focus is on helping non-aerospace customers adopt 3D printing for their specific needs, providing unparalleled precision and durability for even the most demanding applications.

Metal 3D Printing for
Critical Applications

Our metal 3D printing process uses advanced materials and techniques to create parts that can withstand high-stress and extreme environments.


Our expertise in metal 3D printing for critical applications ensures that your parts are strong, durable, and reliable, regardless of your industry.


Thanks to our extensive material testing programme,  we have high statistical confidence in the material properties we can achieve in our production. If you want to build this kind of data yourself it can take many years and cost millions of dollars. When you work with us, you get this peace of mind for free from day one.


Our engineering team can guide you through the design process, and help you to take full advantage of the technology, even if you have no previous experience with metal additive manufacturing.


Design and Engineering for Lightweight Parts

Our team of engineers are experienced in designing and optimizing parts for weight reduction, while still maintaining strength and functionality.


With an additive manufacturing process you only use the material you print, so saving weight also reduces production costs. Even in applications where weight doesn't usually matter, it always pays to optimise your parts for minimum cost.


Thanks to our extensive experience in design optimisation we will work with you to ensure that your parts are perfectly tailored to your needs and designed to minimize manufacturing cost, no matter what your application is. 

We will work closely with your team to achieve the best results.

3D Printing of High Strength Aluminium & Titanium Alloys

We specialize in 3D printing high strength aluminium & titanium alloys, providing you with a cost-effective and efficient way to produce high-quality parts.


Our robust aerospace quality management system ensures that your parts are produced to the highest quality, so that you can trust them in even the most extreme applications.


The parts we produce have significantly better properties than many traditional product forms such as casting, and the superior design freedom of additive manufacturing enables thinner walls and eliminates many traditional design constraints.


Exploit the Benefits of
Additive Manufacturing

Contact us today to learn more about our additive manufacturing services for high-performance and critical applications, and discover how our aerospace expertise can help you to exploit the benefits of metal additive manufacturing in your products safely and with confidence.

We have already helped many of our customers to disrupt traditional industries by using our advanced technologies, and now we can support you too.

Don't let your competitors move ahead of you just because you haven't adopted additive manufacturing yet.


With APWORKS on your team, you already have the best capability from day one.

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