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X23 Swanigami - Romolo Stanco for TOOT Engineering - Glasgow2023_edited.jpg

Case Study - T-RED X23 Track Bike


Pushing the Boundaries

Toot Engineering are innovators in the cycling world, pushing the boundaries of design for track cycling. Romolo Stanco believes that the ability to produce bikes tailored to the rider is key to reaching their full potential. 

The potential of Additive Manufacturing (AM), often called 3D-Printing, to enable his vision was clear. However, the first problem was to identify a material lightweight enough, with sufficient strength and stiffness to survive the track. Scalmalloy was the obvious choice. 


But how to print a whole frame?

The challenge with AM, is that due to the small size of the process chamber it is not possible yet to print the entire frame in a single piece, so how could we make a bicycle frame using this process?

Fortunately Scalmalloy is weldable, and so the answer was to print the Scalmalloy parts as a kit and then assemble them by welding to produce a full frame. 

X23 Swamigami - Romolo Stanco for TOOT Engineering_edited.jpg

Vision becomes Reality

Thanks to the vision of Romolo, and the combined efforts of APWORKS, Toot Engineering and T-RED, with the engineering partnership of Compmech of Pavia University and Bianca Advanced Innovations, the beautiful T-RED X23 is a reality, and racing on the track. It has already been turning heads at the World Track Cycling Championships 2023 in Glasgow.

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