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"Enabling our customers to access better performing products, tailored to their needs, faster"

At APWORKS we pride ourselves in having world class capabilities in Additive Manufacturing (AM), multi-disciplinary optimization and workflow automation. Working together with our customers we develop products which exploit the disruptive potential of these technologies, such as mass customization, enabling distributed manufacturing using production partners across the globe. 


Andreas Funcke

Andreas has been with APWORKS since the start, shaping our technology strategy as the company has grown and evolved.

Andreas' mission is to keep APWORKS at the cutting edge of product development,  leveraging our unique mix of Additive Manufacturing and Engineering.


Jon Meyer

Jon joined APWORKS as Chief Product Officer in 2018, stepping across from his previous role leading the Additive Manufacturing technology roadmap at Airbus. He has shaped the strategy of the company since joining, and took on the role of CEO in 2022.


Sebastian Lepa

Sebastian joined APWORKS in 2018, quickly rising to be our Head of Project Engineering. Ever since then he has been close to the centre of everything we do, and was appointed COO at the end of 2023, taking responsibility for all our Operations.



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