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Case Study - Spacecraft
Scalmalloy   Cooling Pipes

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MERLIN - LAS Radiator Panel A.jpg

The cooling pipes from Scalmalloy® (high strength aluminum alloy by APWORKS GmbH)  were developed within a cooperation project between Airbus Defence and Space and APWORKS.

These pipes, which are installed on the backside of the radiators, are going to fly on MERLIN, a Franco-German collaborative minisatellite climate mission. By Additive Manufacturing (AM), we could significantly add value to this application:

  • Fast and innovative design iterations reducing the lead time significantly (qualified in less than 3 months)

  • Increased design freedom due to elimination of the typical bending radius limitation

  • Part / functional integration  resulting in reduced assembly, documentation and qualification cost / time

  • Weight reduction due to reduced wall thicknesses compared to conventional designs

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