Mechanical engineering

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With 3D printing, individually customized components can be produced, and groups of components can also be made stronger.


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Quality & Efficiency.

3D printing is used especially for components that will be subject to high mechanical stresses but must also save weight. In motor sport, individual adaptions can be produced very quickly.


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In robotics, 3D printing allows bionic optimizations and designs of components. The integration of functional elements is possible as well.

Aerospace technology for various industries.

Unbeatable advantages

Metallic 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, has made the leap from rapid prototyping to a recognized production method. It offers several advantages which can now be used for industrial production at the highest level:

  • Low lead time
  • More complex geometries than possible with conventional means (milling, welding)
  • Low materials consumption
  • Significant weight savings for components
  • Functional integration of features

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