This was our 2021 April Fools

Thanks to you all for being good sports!

The APWORKS 'Light Roadster'

APWORKS is pleased to announce the launch of the Light Roadster, a fully 3D Printed 2-seat Hypercar produced using our proprietary Scalmalloy® material.


Following on from the Light Rider electric motorbike, the Light Roadster has been in stealth mode development for several years and finally it is time for us to reveal it.

“Utilising our world class Engineering and Additive Manufacturing capabilities, we have developed the world’s first fully 3D printed Hypercar, produced in a single piece, including not only the body but also the vast majority of drivetrain components which are integrated into the frame” said Joachim Zettler, CEO of APWORKS.


While details we can release are limited at this stage, the design incorporates a topology optimised crash structure, fully integrated electric drivetrain, and will be offered with a number of customisable features using the APWORKS Genome platform.

“You will be able to adapt many features of the car to suit your tastes and driving style. Online configuration and ordering will extend far beyond choosing the usual options. You will be able to change the physical styling of the car, which will make every one truly unique – there has never been a more bespoke automotive product on the market” said Jon Meyer, Chief Product Officer.

And the price tag?


“We are trying to keep it below 8 figures...”


So how do we make a whole car by 3D printing? Surely there is no machine large enough?


“That was one of the compromises we had to make. It isn’t a very large vehicle. You need to be pretty friendly with your co-driver”

Scroll down to see the first ever public image of the Light Roadster

A bit further...

April Fools!

We hope you enjoyed our little joke, but it was only the product we described which was a joke.


All of the capabilities mentioned are real within APWORKS, from Engineering through to Production. We help our customers to realise their product vision - and that is no joke.

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