The time for Additive Manufacturing is now! But there still remains the question, how to start with AM and how can you benefit from Additive Manufacturing?
Our AM in a nutshell training answers exactly those questions and let you learn from a leading AM expert.

Since a few days this training is even proved by Formula 1 and the team of Renault Sports Racing. They were impressed by the perfect introduction in the field of additive manufacturing and its potentials.

Our trainers Niels Grafen, Onur Deniz and Daniel Schneider together with the team of Renault Sports Racing

The training covers the world of 3D printing – materials, processes, designs – and makes you understand potentials of AM in four modules. You will get an understanding of all different processes and materials including the process chain of additive manufacturing. In the Design module you will receive an introduction to part design and part orientation for 3D printing. Furthermore and as fourth module you will be able to select parts that have a high potential when 3D printing them.

Contact us (+49 (0)89 954738 766) to participate in the next “AM in a nutshell” training, identify the key benefits of AM for your applications and become the innovation leader for AM in your company.