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Partnership Project 3i-Print

Press Release – Classic car meets future technology: VW Caddy fitted with 3D-printed front-end structure


Collaboration APWORKS / Dassault Systèmes

Press Release – APWORKS and Dassault Systèmes collaborate to advance the use of addditive manufacturing for serial production

3D Printed part for America’s Cup exhibition

Press Release – Speed and Innovation – The Mariners’ Museum opens exhibition on the America’s Cup


BMW i Pure Impulse Event at APWorks

Press release – Exceed limits: BMW i8 customer event at APWorks


2016 Top Motorcycles

Press release – The Light Rider was elected one of the top ten motorcycles of 2016

Federal Ecodesign Award

Press release – Airbus receives the Federal Ecodesign Award for its pioneering concept


Press Kit formnext

Press release – Metal 3D printing meets industry

Press release – First 3D Printed Motorcycle Prototype

APWorks Machine Park

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EN 9100 Certification

Press release – Certified aerospace quality for metal 3D Printing at APWorks

Cooperation APWorks SAP

Press release – APWorks Collaborates with SAP to Accelerate and Remaster the On-Demand Industrial 3D Printing Process

Cooperation APWorks Altair

APWorks Press Release Altair and Airbus APWorks Team up to Make Additive Manufacturing a Reality for Customers


Light Rider

Pictures Light Rider

Press Release

Facts concerning the prototype

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“Urban Space. Rural Space. Cyberspace! Innovations for a Digital World”: Airbus APWorks developed an excellent innovation for a digital World

Airbus APWorks – High Quality Metal 3D Printing