APWorks exceeds limits with additive manufacturing

An exceptional event – approximately 50 guests and BMW i8 drivers visited us in Taufkirchen, Germany end of March to get an overview of additive manufacturing.

The guest did not only get details on the possibilities and opportunities 3D Printing has to offer. They got insides on the whole value chain. Starting from designing a part, selecting the right material up to final production.

Our CEO Joachim Zettler started with an overview of the possibilities metal 3D printing offers. He showed applications from industries such as aerospace, medical technology, mechanical engineering, tooling, as well as Formula 1. Zettler illustrated how the tool less manufacturing method of 3D printing can reduce lead time and costs for the motorsports industry.

Dushan Pamunuwa, one of our engineers displayed how bionic optimization and design for additive manufacturing works. Always referring to the best practice example of the Light Rider, the world’s first 3D printed motorcycle prototype. Afterwards COO Dr. Matthias Asdonk guided the visitors through our manufacturing hall showing them machines from EOS and Additive Industries.

According to the theme of the day “Exceeding limits” BMW demonstrated how they exceed limits with the BMW i8. A helicopter was pursuing a BMW i8. An action movie scenario that made the guests speechless.

Finally, some exemplary testimonials of our guests:

“Incredible to see what metal 3D printing is already capable of today” Christian Adler, Consultant for Digitalization and Innovation

“Although I am from the automotive industry, I did not know that the motorsports industry and especially Formula 1 is already using that many metal 3D printed parts. The possibilities 3D printing offers are impressive.” Marcus Pluntke, Product Manager BMW i8